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Our tailor-made services are designed with you and your dog in mind to ensure results. We believe in working as much with you as with your dog. Our goal is to provide long-lasting impact through expert training.

The Dog Trainers has many years of experience in supporting dog owners in their training experience, whether it is for pet or working dogs. Our high success and client satisfaction rates are our greatest source of pride. Call us today to make your first appointment.

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After training dogs for obedience competition most of her childhood, Morgan Weller completed the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers in 2011 in St. Louis, Missouri. There, she studied puppy imprinting for working dogs, problem solving, aggression rehabilitation, narcotics detection, decoying and helper work for K9 and sport, as well as high level obedience, agility, and tracking. From there, she focused on developing dogs for Schutzhund/IPO, and PSA, as well as training pet dogs with a history of aggression through a local boarding facility. She then started her company, The Dog Trainers, where she developed dogs for police work for patrol and narcotics detection and offered private narcotics searches for parents and companies wanting to provide a drug free environment. During this time, she also trained pet dogs, especially those with bite history and aggression issues. Continuing her education, Morgan studied under some of the top K9 trainers in the world for military and law enforcement focusing in K9 apprehension, scent detection, puppy imprinting, and tracking.

After moving to Florida, she got involved with Search and Rescue where she was an active member of the team, and because of her experience, she helped teach seminars for tracking, trailing, and detection. From there, she became a certified Law Enforcement Officer and instantly fell into decoying and problem solving for local K9 teams. Morgan raised her dual purpose K9 Jarl and certified as a Police Utility Dog (ie, Patrol, tracking, narcotics, area search, obedience, and evidence recovery) and successfully worked the street with him. Her beagle, K9 Wahini, certified at 6 months old for tracking with Bay County Search and Rescue and is currently working towards her therapy dog and narcotics certifications to work with our community. Morgan is an evaluator for the NOCSAR organization which certifies K9 teams for Search and Rescue and Law Enforcement. Morgan raises K9s for Law Enforcement use and is proud to say that her teams are successfully working our streets. When she's not training in the panhandle, Morgan teaches seminars for tracking and bitework, helping teams from all over the country become the best they can be. 

Morgan has worked with local rescues implementing training plans for dogs that were seeking adoption to ensure successful ownership and fewer returns. She has helped rescue staff learn how to bring out the best in the dogs that they have in house to help them become adoptable. She has helped many dogs become the family members that dog owners dreamed of. Morgan has successfully rehabilitated dogs for human aggression, dog aggression, fear, and many other issues. She is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, STAR puppy evaluator and an AKC Temperament Test Evaluator. Morgan loves helping people and educating in a fun engaging way for owners and their dogs. She is well versed in many different methods, so whether a purely positive method is the best way or a balanced method is the best way, she strives to teach dogs and owners the way that is right for their specific dog.

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